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General Manager of the Year: Independent Properties 

Independently operated properties not affiliated with a chain, including all non-branded hotels and select brands that are membership-based.

General Manager of the Year: Extended Stay Properties
Properties that offer long term accommodation for guests, typically quoting weekly rates.

General Manager of the Year: Full-Service Properties (Exclusive of Resort Properties)
Establishments under this category provide multiple outlets onsite inclusive of full service restaurants(), laundry, security, shuttle services, spa, fitness facilities, room service, and concierge service. 

General Manager of the Year: Select-Service Properties (Exclusive of Extended Stay Properties) 
These properties have rooms-only operations, (i.e. no food-and-beverage service) or offer a bedroom for the night, but very few other services and amenities. 

General Manager of the Year: Resort Property
A resort is a full-service hostelry, often of historical or geographical significance, which is the destination of an individual, a family, or group, because that resort complex offers leisure-oriented activities and facilities such as, but not limited to: golf, tennis, skiing, equestrian sports, and water-oriented activities, that are primarily owner operated, or controlled by that hostelry for the rest, relaxation, amusement, and pleasure of its clientele.

GM Lifetime Achievement Award
This Award recognizes a GM who has had a significant and lasting impact as a hotel leader, mentor, and role model in the community. This GM’s reach extended beyond the day-to-day. They have a lifetime of influence that resonates through the property, the industry, and the community. Nominate a GM who spent their career showing everyone all that can be accomplished in our industry and beyond. (Note: Requires a letter of recommendation from at least one peer)


North Star Award: Lodging Employee of the Year
Nominate your property’s superstar to get the spotlight they deserve on our industry’s biggest stage. We want to hear about our industry’s finest - the people who drive our industry every single day to make it extraordinary. This employee goes above and beyond their daily tasks, makes guests feel special, is always willing to give an extra hand to, and is strongly engaged with the local community. Your candidate’s nomination should showcase their passion for hospitality and demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the property and community. The top three finalist of this category will be honored at the 2025 Night of a Thousand Stars Gala, where the winner will be announced from the stage. 

Stevan Porter Emerging Hospitality Leader of the Year 
Our industry’s best ideas come from those who see the world with fresh eyes. This award, named in honor of Stevan Porter, former president of the Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group, recognizes emerging leaders around us, those that energize the industry and inspire those around them to be their best selves. Do you work with an exemplary young professional under 30 who exhibits these traits? Share their industry story and the motivating factors behind their dedication and work ethic.  

ForWard: Paving the Way Award (Recognizing Female Trailblazers)
It’s time to recognize the amazing women of our industry. This award honors a woman at a hotel property who is more than a leader, she’s also a role model in the community and a mentor who is committed to raising those around her. Her reach extends beyond the day-to-day and resonates through the property and community. Nominate the woman who is a shining example of all that can be accomplished in our industry, and share stories about her outstanding leadership qualities, noteworthy accomplishments, volunteering, and personal achievements.

AHLA Foundation Scholar of the Year Award (Recognizing Outstanding Hospitality Student Achievement) 
Is there a leading hospitality student who consistently performs at the top of their class? Do you know a highly motivated hospitality student planning to pursue a career in hotels? This award honors outstanding student achievement and exceptional scholarship. Nominate a hospitality student you know who stands out as a stellar example of both academic excellence and the future of the hotel industry! Nominees must be enrolled in a 2 or 4-year Hospitality program. The Scholar of the Year Award includes a $2500 AHLA Foundation Academic Scholarship.

NEW: Hotel Hero Award 
Celebrate the amazing moments that exemplify hospitality in our industry by nominating your hotel hero. This award honors a team member that went above and beyond to aid a guest, fellow colleague, or property in a true time of need. Provide the details of the specific circumstance that exemplify how the team member put their own interest last to enable a positive outcome of a difficult situation or unexpected event. Please also include supporting details of the employee’s character and daily job function for context.  

Award Grading Scale 
0: Submission does not provide any supporting documentation 
1-3: Submission provides supporting documentation; Nominee does their job well 
4-6: Nominee is exceptionally good at their job, and exhibits some of the award criteria 7-9: Nominee exceeds their daily call of duty, and exhibits all the award criteria 
10: Judge should only award one “10”; Nominee does something truly remarkable